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Movie Reboots Vs Sequels

How many movie franchises have been ruined by a reboot or sequel?  What is the formula to a successful reboot or sequel?  Your favorite bad boys tackle this subject and give you the hard truth that Hollywood desparately needs to learn!!!

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Badass New Tech

Are you a tech-junkie?  Do you love seeing the new toys and cool technology coming onto the market? Well this is definitely your episode!!!

Find out about the latest medical, automotive, and personal gadgets that will blow your mind.

The future is NOW!

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GoodBadFlicks and Gavin Kelly

Do you like movies?  Do you like movie reviews that save from wasting your time on bad movies?  Then you are gonna LOVE this interview with Cecil from GoodBadFlicks movie review channel on YouTube!

Your favorite bad boys also welcome on the awesome Gavin Kelly from the new Amazon TV show Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown. Gavin surprised everyone by including Paula, his cohost of the show, in on the antics. Both Gavin and Paula show exactly why their show is a must watch... their personality shines through as well as their intellect in regards to researching the paranormal.

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Grant Wilson

That's right, kiddies... the one and only GRANT WILSON from the amazing SyFy Channel hit show Ghost Hunters is on Dead X Radio!!!  And your favorite bad boys do NOT let you down!

The Dead X Boys get to the bottom of such controversal topics like... What is the most EVIL thing that Grant Wilson does?!?!?!

This truly is a "don't miss" episode!!!  No one gets the REAL person behind the celebrity quite like Dead X.

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Easter! Plus Surprise Calls From Elizabeth Saint AND Nick Groff

Who gets AMAZING TV Stars calling their show randomly? Who proceeds to bust their balls once they do call? Who has the SEXIEST hosts around? That's right... DEAD X RADIO!!!  That's who!!!

Your favorite bad boys tackle the topic of Easter and get into the root of the season... or at least they try to in their typical Dead X fashion.

In the midst of them butchering your childhood... they get a surprise phone call from Elizabeth Saint from the hit show Ghosts of Shepherdstown. And then the big shocker is that paranormal superstar, Nick Groff, calls in as well.

This is a defnite "can't miss" episode!!!

This show is dedicated to the memory of that bottle of Jägermeister.  :(

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Britt Griffith

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in watching TV?  Do you believe in horror movies?  Do you believe in gold mining?  What do all of these have in common?  Well it's Britt Griffith of course!!!

Britt is one of the stars of the hit show Ghost Hunters on the SyFy Channel.  Your favorite bad boys put him in the hot seat and see how well he can handle the heat... turns out... he's as demented as the Dead X Boys.  This is definitely a "don't miss" episode.

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April Fools!!!

You won't believe the April Fools antics that your favorite bad boys partake in.  Oh wait... maybe you will... I'm sure you're used to their nonsense by now!


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Tim Maile from Pawtographs for Pooches

Do you like dogs?  If not... you must be a demon or some form of pure evil!!!

Your favorite bad boys welcome Tim Maile from the charity organization, Pawtographs for Pooches, on to talk about his upcoming events as well as the story behind his great charity. 

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Russell Hodgkinson: Round 2…

Could you survive the zombie apocolypse? If you had Russell Hodgkinson on your team then your chances are much higher of surviving!!!

Russell plays Doc on the hit SyFy Channel show, Z-Nation. He takes time to call in to Dead X Radio for his second go-around. He's always got great stories from the set as well as behind the scenes anecdotes that only the Dead X boys can pull out of him.

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Steve DiSchiavi: Round FOUR

Can you believe it?  Steve DiSchiavi, from the Travel Channel show The Dead Files, decided to join your favorite bad boys of Paranormal, Horror, and Sci-Fi for the fourth time!!!  We celebrated by having Steve call one of his fans live on air with us.

Any time Steve hangs around with the Dead X Radio crew, you know it's bound to be crazy... and this time completely fulfills your wildest expectations!

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