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Old Hamilton County Jail with Bill Hartley

Paranormal's bad boys join Bill Hartley, from Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Destination America, on a lockdown event at a haunted jail. This is Bill's third time being on Dead X Radio but his first time in person. They all try really hard to keep the topic paranormal releated... but in typical Dead X fashion... it turns into mostly debauchery.

Tom Anthony does bring the show back around and gives the history of the old jail and discusses some of the evidence they have found.

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Cryptozoology: Bigfoot and More

Do you believe in Bigfoot?  Chupacabra?  Loch Ness Monster?

Dead X Radio's very own Patrick Webb goes on an actual Bigfoot hunt. So the bad boys decide to dive into the topic of Cryptozoology.  Let us know if you agree with John Rusnak's theory on how the famous Nessie picture was taken.


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Witchcraft: Nick White & Katie Sutra

How much badder can you get than witchcraft???  The bad boys finally tackle this witchy subject.

Nick White from A&E's show Cursed: The Bell Witch calls in to give his take on witchcraft. He also gets into some of his best paranormal experiences and talks about his group Cage the Darkness.

The Dead X crew also welcome in studio with them the sexy and talented Katie Sutra, 4 time national pole dancing champion. She's not just a pretty face and pole skills... she is also very knowledgeable about paranormal and witchcraft.

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Glenn Packard

Does Glenn Know Best???  We think he does!!!

The amazing Glenn Packard joins your favorite bad boys of the paranormal, horror, and sci-fi to discuss his new movie, Pitchfork. He gets into the inspirations surrounding this new horror movie that introduces us to a new horror icon that is sure to be up there with the likes of Freddy, Jason, and Michaell Myers.

Glenn is an accomplished dance choreographer who has worked with music legends such as Michael Jackson, User, and Pink. He had a few guest spots on the reality TV show Hogan Knows Best and was a regular on the show Brooke Knows Best since he is actually Brooke Hogan's best friend.

Don't miss this special broadcast from the Tin Roof bar in sunny Orlando, Florida.

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