Dead X Radio


Tracey Birdsall and Russell Hodgkinson

This show demonstrates how professional the bad boys of Dead X Radio really are.  After all of the technical issues, they managed to pull together an amazing show with 2 fantastic celebrity guests. Such is the nature of a live broadcasted show.

Catch the gorgeous and talented Tracey Birdsall as she discusses her career and shows that she can throw down and even make the DXR boys blush.
Doc from Z Nation, Russell Hodgkinson, shows why he is such a fan favorite of the show.  We get to hear some more inside stories of his career, life, and the inner workings of his show.
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DIRTY: Conspiracy Theories & MRE Star

You get to see your favorite bad boys actually get DIRTY!!!  You're used to them being "dirty" minded... but now they actually have that dirty look.  Well... it is just makeup from a commercial film shoot they were a part of for a product called MRE Star, a company that has prepackaged meals that are ready to eat in disaster situations.

The owner of MRE Star sits in with them and shows how easy it is to have a warm meal without the need for a fire, stove, or microwave.
They discuss various conspiracy theories ranging from government cover ups to aliens.
Their talented makeup artist, Jordan, sits in with them for a bit to discuss how fun it was to make the Dead X Radio guys dirty and give her thoughts on a few conspiracies as well.
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Tom Holland & Pandie Suicide

EPIC!!!  That's the only way to describe being able to talk with the creator of such an iconic horror figure as Chucky from the movie Child's Play.  Tom Holland is as amazing as we all have hoped!  He shares so much information on how he created the infamously evil doll and the pitfalls that came along with it.

Join the guys as they discuss creepy & haunted dolls in reality as well as movies.
The bad boys of Dead X Radio also welcomed on the first New Zealand Suicide Girl and actress, Pandie Suicide. She shared her experiences of being a Suicide Girl and talked about her upcoming film projects.
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Tyler Mane

The boys welcome Tyler Mane from X-Men and Rob Zombie's Halloween. He talks about playing such an iconic character as Michael Myers and discusses some of his favorite moments on set with movie icons. They also get him to open up about his own movie projects he is currently working on and the direction he sees his career heading.

You get to see a few minutes of the serious side of Dead X as they discuss depression and some of their personal battles with it.  And Jeff gives his advice on the first thing to do when dealing with depression or someone suffering from it.
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