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DEAD END 2015!!! With James Lott Jr and Morgan Strebler

The bad boys of the paranormal, horror, & sci-fi have made it to the DEAD END of 2015. They take the time to recap the year and go over some amazing highlights and fun times had this year. They bring back The X-List to recap the top 10 hashtags of 2015.

The Dead X crew welcome their great friend, James Lott Jr, on the phone to talk about his career and how his Super Organizer Universe is growing. James works so hard and pulls off the impossible... he is such a motivation to the boys.
Morgan Strebler calls back in and has some fun with them while going through the hashtag X-List... of which HIS episode yielded 3 of our top hashtags.  After they got off air... it was established that Morgan is joining the cast of Dead X Radio. He fits right in with the crazy antics & passionate opinions that you've grown to love them for.  They are teaming up on multiple projects set to be released throughout 2016... so hold on... it's about to be a crazy ride!!!
The lifelong friend, Fro (nameless superfan), sat in for this episode.  He got to show off the finished tattoo of the Dead X Radio logo that Scooter from Rock City Tattoos gave him a few weeks ago.
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Morgan Strebler: Celebrity Mentalist

Wow!!!!  The only way to describe this episode of Dead X Radio!  The amazing Morgan Strebler calls into the show and proceeds to demonstrate feats of incredible cold reading, text & email predictions, as well as stopping poor Jeff's heart live on air.  This is the most jaw dropping show to date... and it lasts for the entire show.

The bad boys also had in-studio stripper guests, Sami & Nikki. They attempted to use a store-bought Ouija Board with no success... but then Morgan did the incredible and gave Nikki a message from her grandmother.  It was the most emotional Dead X Radio episode yet.
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DXR Tattoo, Ghoststalkers PRS, & Jesse Bravo

Scooter and Joshua from Rock City Tattoos came in studio with the boys today to make Dead X Radio history... Scooter created the very first Dead X Radio logo tattoo live on air!!!  Our nameless, faceless super-fan (actually our good friend Jeff "Fro" Mitchell) was the lucky recipient for the amazing tattoo.

They also welcomed Author Tim Byrd & his wife Lakeshia M Byrd from Ghoststalkers PRS on the phone to talk about his books and their family's adventures in the paranormal.
The show was made so much more incredible when the Celebrity Psychic Medium, Jesse Bravo, called in for the last hour.
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Alexandra Holzer: Round TWO

The boys from Dead X Radio welcome back the wonderfully amazing Alexandra Holzer.  They get the inside scoop on her life and the new Hunt with Holzer project.  Were the bad boys successful in getting her to drop the F-Bomb again?  You gotta watch to find out!

They do their best to stay on topic with popular hauntings and the myths & legends versus the real story. There actually is some really good intelligent dialogue mixed in with the hijinks you've grown to love from your DXR boys.
Oh... and Pat gets naked!!!  Yikes!!!
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