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Very Superstitious!!!

Ooooh... what's your biggest superstition? Black cats crossing your path? Walking under a ladder? Stepping on a crack?  We got 'em all!!!

Your favorite bad boys give their irreverant take on the most popular superstitions... and bring up a few weird ones that you might not know exist.

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Chief Mike King & Scott Gruenwald

Insanity and utter mayhem!!!  I'm not sure you are prepared for the toxic hilarity that ensues when the Dead X boys are called by these two incredible personalities.

First you get the amazing Chief Mike King from the Destination America show Ghosts of Shepherdstown. He brings so much class and fun to this episode of Dead X Radio. He proves yet again that he's a consummate professional who also knows how to let a bit loose and show his lighter side.

And now you add in the one and only Scott Gruenwald from the Travel Channel show Paranormal Paparazzi... you are not prepared for this much laughter. He brings his signature brand of crazy antics to the interview and also talks about some of his past and interesting anecdotes of his life.

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David Zani

Animator, Producer, Writer, & Director David Zani join the bad boys of Dead X Radio for this fast paced fun episode.  He talks about his time animating for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Max Payne 3.  He discusses his science fiction erotica movies, Scared Topless and Shark Babes.

The guys do discuss their take on all of the political madness going on recently.

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Brooke Lewis - Round Two

The amazing and beautiful Brooke Lewis comes back on with the bad boys of Dead X Radio.  You get to see why Vampy herself is as huge as she is.  She talks about her clothing line and upcoming movies.

The bad boys bring back Legit or Bullshit and get into how Canadians are fraternizing with space aliens.  God help us all!!!!
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Halloween at the Haunted Inn 2016

What better way to spend Halloween than in an ACTUAL Haunted Inn?  That's right... there is NO better way!!!

The bad boys of Dead X Radio broadcast from the Historic Peninsula Inn located in Gulfport,Florida. They were fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing event there with the incredible psychic medium, April Claxton.

Let us know if you see any ghosts on camera!
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Freakshow Horror Film Festival 2016

The Dead X Radio crew are back out for their second year at the Freakshow Horror Film Festival in Orlando, FL.  It's always such an awesome time hanging with all of the filmmakers and viewing some intense horror movies.

The amazing Robert Massetti jumps on with the bad boys and brings his fun brand of humor and insight to the show.  He is the king of creating the most epic hashtags in Dead X history... you must see what new hashtags he brings to the table.

The bad boys also get the chance to talk to Scott Tepperman from Ghost Hunters International.  Scott has gone on to become a very accomplished filmmaker and actor.  He discusses his newest projects and reminisces about the old GHI days.
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Lakeland Zombiefest 2016

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?  Lakeland Zombiefest was the place to be!!!  The bad boys of Dead X Radio broadcast from this amazing event in Lakeland, FL. 

They welcome the rugged Justin Kucsulain, Ethan from the Hilltop Community on the AMC hit show The Walking Dead. Justin talks about his acting career and what he had in his cup while doing the interview.  He publicly expresses his desire to cross over from TWD to Z-Nation.  So the Dead X Boys jump in to help make this a reality.
A Dead X veteran, Dahlia Legault, jumps back on the mic with your favorite bad boys.  She is always fun and amazing to have on air.
Scott Fensterer from the SyFy Channel show, Face Off, joins the crew to talk about his experiences on show as well as his career in general.  Him and his fiance bring the bad boys yummy treats that look disgusting from their company D'edible Delights. They have an assortment of edible body parts that have amazing flavors.  Scott also talks about the cake he partnered with Got Candy on for the big reveal at the festival.
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Andrea Perron

Your favorite bad boys welcome the amazing Andrea Perron on the phone to discuss the differences between the movie The Conjuring and what happened in real life.  She gets very emotional in recapping a few stories. The horrors portrayed in the movie are nothing compared to what she and her family actually lived through.

This has been called one of the BEST Dead X Radio episodes to date.  You'll laugh... you'll actually cry... you'll thoroughly enjoy the roller coaster of emotions that her interview brings.
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Fusion Con

Your favorite bad boys were invited to the second annual Fusion Con in New Port Richey, Florida. This may be a young Con, but they have HUGE numbers of attendees.  The Dead X Boys do their best to keep it clean when the kiddies walked by... but you still get their usual raunchy humor that you love so much!

They welcome some cosplayers on as well as a few of the invited guests of the Con.

A public event would not be the same without the one-and-only Robb Demarest making an appearance... and he brings his usual brand of antics as always!
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Steve DiSchiavi, Robb Demarest, Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe, & Elizabeth Saint OMG

What an AMAZING episode!!!  This is the bad boy's third time having the ever-awesome Steve DiSchiavi in studio... so he's no longer a "guest"... he's now guest HOST!!!  He did a bang-up job helping to interview our other paranormal celebrity guests on this DXR All-Star Paranormal episode.

Robb Demarest is one of the most hilarious guys around!  He's one of few that can actually keep the Dead X Boys on their toes.
Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe is always one of the best interviews the boys get to have.  His skepticism and witty personality always brings the most amazing stories and conversation.

Elizabeth Saint... just plain WOW!!!  She really is the full package when it comes to being a paranormal investigator.  Her inquisitive nature, open mind, sensitivity, AND amazing intelligence put her into a category all her own.  Of course the bad boys have to mention her gorgeous looks... but she is SO much more than what you see on the surface!!!  And even with ALL of those things going for her... she's so down-to-earth and REAL.

If there was ever a DXR episode to watch... THIS is the one!!!
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