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Z Nation: Kellita Smith & Keith Allan

January 26, 2016

How bad ass is it to have BOTH lead stars of the show Z Nation on one episode???  The answer... REALLY BAD ASS!!!

The apparent "Hotties of Horror" (Kellita's words) get the privilege of interviewing Kellita Smith (Warren) and Keith Allan (Murphy) from the hit TV show on the SyFy Channel, Z Nation. They get to the bottom of what it's like for Kellita playing so many strong female roles in Hollywood and how she personally differs from her characters. And they get Keith to divulge what it's like to be "The Murphy".
Both Kellita and Keith show just how real and amazing they both are just as people. The boys were already huge fans... but now their ultimate respect and admiration for both of them has been solidified for life!
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