Dead X Radio


Paranormal Kicks Cancer: The Vault - Friday

June 27, 2016

The bad boys of Dead X Radio aren't really so "bad" after all. They have a soft heart when it comes to helping children... especially children that are suffering!  So they were ecstatic to be a part of this amazing event put on by the charity organization, Paranormal Kicks Cancer.

Join your favorite ParaAssholes as they broadcast from the Friday night portion of this fundraiser event at The Vault in downtown Tampa. They get the opportunity to have Chris Gostkowski, who heads up PKC, on air to discuss some of the stories of children they've been able to help.

They also welcome on air Angela Alderman from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International to have a little fun and catch up with how she's doing these days.  The crew also has the one and only, Mike from Tampa (aka Robb Demarest) on air to discuss how they're all going to hell.
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