Dead X Radio


Bill Hartley, Chief Mike King, and a surprise caller

July 18, 2016

THEE most INTENSE interview in Dead X Radio history!!!  How cool is it to have Bill Hartley from Ghosts of Shepherdstown call in while he's sitting right next to Chief Mike King???  They show us a side of themselves that you don't get to see on their Destination America show.  Both of them fit in perfectly with your favorite bad boys... quick wit... raunchy humor... taking jabs... it was like a match made in heaven.

Bill and Chief Mike must've ruffled some feathers... right in the middle of their interview... the amazing Elizabeth Saint called in to defend herself from their joking and poking fun. It got pretty heated during that exchange!!!

We also get to find out some of Nick Groff's grooming rituals to get him picture perfect ready for each show.
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