Dead X Radio


Dave Schrader and Brian J Cano

Your favorite bad boys of the paranormal welcome on 2 great guys of the paranormal.

First you get to hear why Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio and Coast to Coast has had such an inspiring and long career as the voice of the unknown.  He also shows his personality and how much of a funny person he truly is.

Then the amazing Brian J Cano from SyFy Channel's show The Haunted Collector comes on to discuss his career and some fun stories from his past and his encounters with the paranormal.

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Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson at Spooky Empire

Megadeth bassist and founding member, Dave Ellefson, joins your favorite bad boys to talk about how the iconic band was formed and some fun stories from the road.  Watch this incredible Dead X Radio episode to see just how intelligent and humble this rockstar truly is.

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Bill Hartley: Round 2

Are you afraid of ghosts?  Are you afraid of demons?  Are you afraid of long car rides with your significant other while talking to your "bad boy" friends???

Yikes!!!  Bill Hartley faces all of those and comes out on top every time!!! This infamous paranormal investigator from the Destination America Channel's show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown, joins your very own Dead X Radio boys for the second time.

The interview was going on for quite a while... until we hear another voice in the background defending her driving.  To everyone's surprise... Karissa Fleck was there the whole time!!!

Bill and Karissa officially announced that they are dating... and well... now leave it to the Dead X boys to stir up trouble in their great relationship.

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Spooky Empire 1: Bobby & Diana Steele and Cosplayers

Do you like cosplay?  Do you like music?  Do you like FUN?!?!?!  This is the episode for you!!!

Check out the first broadcast from one of the biggest and best events around... Spooky Empire. It all went down on December 2nd through the 4th at the Orlando Convention Center in sunny Orlando, Florida.

It's always interesting when you let the bad boys of Dead X Radio loose in an arena full of fun creative people. The energy and fun that evolves is off the charts! They pull in cosplayers, a tattoo artist, and even a Bigfoot expert.

This episode goes off the charts when music LEGEND, Bobby Steele from the band The Misfits, comes up and sits down with the gang. Him and his beautiful wife, Diana, give us some amazing stories and talk about thier band The Undead. They are true to the core of punk with their new music and continue to blow minds.

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