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Andrea Perron

Your favorite bad boys welcome the amazing Andrea Perron on the phone to discuss the differences between the movie The Conjuring and what happened in real life.  She gets very emotional in recapping a few stories. The horrors portrayed in the movie are nothing compared to what she and her family actually lived through.

This has been called one of the BEST Dead X Radio episodes to date.  You'll laugh... you'll actually cry... you'll thoroughly enjoy the roller coaster of emotions that her interview brings.
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Fusion Con

Your favorite bad boys were invited to the second annual Fusion Con in New Port Richey, Florida. This may be a young Con, but they have HUGE numbers of attendees.  The Dead X Boys do their best to keep it clean when the kiddies walked by... but you still get their usual raunchy humor that you love so much!

They welcome some cosplayers on as well as a few of the invited guests of the Con.

A public event would not be the same without the one-and-only Robb Demarest making an appearance... and he brings his usual brand of antics as always!
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Steve DiSchiavi, Robb Demarest, Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe, & Elizabeth Saint OMG

What an AMAZING episode!!!  This is the bad boy's third time having the ever-awesome Steve DiSchiavi in studio... so he's no longer a "guest"... he's now guest HOST!!!  He did a bang-up job helping to interview our other paranormal celebrity guests on this DXR All-Star Paranormal episode.

Robb Demarest is one of the most hilarious guys around!  He's one of few that can actually keep the Dead X Boys on their toes.
Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe is always one of the best interviews the boys get to have.  His skepticism and witty personality always brings the most amazing stories and conversation.

Elizabeth Saint... just plain WOW!!!  She really is the full package when it comes to being a paranormal investigator.  Her inquisitive nature, open mind, sensitivity, AND amazing intelligence put her into a category all her own.  Of course the bad boys have to mention her gorgeous looks... but she is SO much more than what you see on the surface!!!  And even with ALL of those things going for her... she's so down-to-earth and REAL.

If there was ever a DXR episode to watch... THIS is the one!!!
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